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Our Services

Hydrological Assessments

  • Flood Hydrology
    • HEC-RAS & HECgeo-RAS
    • SCS, SDF & Rational Design Flood Estimation
  • Geo-hydrological Assessments
  • Water Balance
  • Storm Water Management Plan
  • Surface and Groundwater Quality Monitoring & Testing
  • Dam Design (dam sizing, spillway design and dam siting)
  • Hydrological Modelling
    • ACRU
    • SWAT/ArcSWAT

Watercourse and Aquatic Assessments

  • SASS 5 assessment and biomonitoring
  • Watercourse delineation
  • PES & EIS assessments
  • Watercourse / wetland rehabilitation
  • Watercourse / wetland offsets

Geographical Information Systems

  • GIS mapping & modelling
    • ArcMap
    • ArcView

Soil Surveys

  • Soil Assessments
  • Percolation Tests
  • Infiltration/Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

Specialized Work

  • Expert Witness for Court Disputes
  • Monitoring climate variables (set up and monitoring of weather stations)
  • Monitoring Groundwater
  • Measuring Tree Water use

Development Approval Application process

  • Environmental Impact Assessments
    • Basic Assessments
    • Scoping & Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Waste Management Licenses
  • Water Use Licence Applications
  • Environmental Project Management
  • Advice and guidance on environmental legislative framework in relation to proposed developments
  • Construction & Operational Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr)
  • Environmental Control Officer Services including Environmental Awareness Programmes
  • Environmental Opinions
  • Fulfillment of Environmental Authorization (ROD) conditions
  • Amendment of Environmental Authorizations
  • Section 24G rectification applications
  • Peer review of environmental assessments & EIA processes
  • Public Participation including, but not restricted to: independent facilitation of focus group meetings, community and public meetings, community engagement and awareness making

Natural Resource Management

  • Site Assessments and provision of Declaration of Invasive Alien Plans Certificates, in accordance with NEMBA for Estate Agents / property sales
  • Expertise in alien plant management and grassland restoration implementation
  • Sustainable natural resource utilisation and management planning
  • Environmental Education
  • Advice on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)
  • Rural natural resource restoration project facilitation