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PMB Petroleum proposed to increase their fuel storage capacity by the addition of two 83m3 diesel storage tanks, with a total increased capacity of 166 m3.

Development of additional fuel storage at the site had the potential to cause detrimental impacts on the environment therefore, NatureStamp was contracted to perform an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application, in the form of a Basic Assessment Report (BAR).

The main concerns surrounding the application were the management of spillages, potential impacts on nearby watercourse, fire hazards and additional traffic on the R103.

These were mitigated with measures including bunding of storage tanks, positioning of activities 100m away from watercourses, presence of approved firefighting equipment on site and ensuring that Department of Transport provides guidance regarding traffic matters.

The proposed expansion was granted Environmental Authorization on the 1st of September 2016 and construction has since commenced. NatureStamp was further appointed to perform Environmental Control Officer (ECO) duties and conduct audits on site.